New team Starting from nothing! Gold+ Hey guys My name is Kellen my IGN is Voltic Captain and I've started up my own team and I am currently looking for all roles except for jungle to join my team to complete the roster. And for a little background information on me I have been running and apart of teams for the last 3 seasons, some lasting longer than others but all in all I have a good idea of what I'm looking for, Also if you are picked up to join the team you will also be joining a new community that is going to be starting up in the near future called Voltic Gaming Community Or VGC for short and as one of the owners of this community I will do my best to make sure the team has everything it needs in order to be successful. Now for some background on the team and its goals. The team will eventually take part in tournaments and will also look to work up the ranked ladder to achieve great things together but the main goal of the team is just to get better and learn something new from playing in a team environment. so if this sounds like something your interested in please fill out the forum below and list that nunu is one of your is one of your best champs ;) Roster: Top: TBD Jungle: Voltic Captain Mid: TBD Adc: TBD Support: TBD Coach: TBD Schedule: Monday: 10:15 Est start Tuesday: 10:15 Est start Wednesday: Off Thursday: 10:15 Est start Friday: 10:15 Est start Weekends: TBD IGN: Rank: Best champs: Discord? (Y/N) What are your Strengths? What are your Weaknesses? Can you shot call? How long have you been playing the game? What is your favorite type of comp to play? How committed are you to a team? Can you make the times? What can you bring to a team environment? How can you help the team grow? After filling out this simple app please add me at Voltic Captain In game See you on the rift!
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