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Hey there everyone! My support and I (the ADC) have played for multiple teams, played thousands of games together, and been coached throughout many recent DQ endeavors. Both of us are plat and not only dream of achieving diamond+ this season, but also dream of entering the pro scene. Everyone we've played for has come and gone, so please, just know our end goals ahead of time with this. LCS or bust. ADC --->Twiiight Mole (Plat 2) Main champs : {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:21}} Support ---> Lossgann (Plat 5) Main champs : {{champion:111}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:44}} General facts about out lane : - We don't rely on ganks to snowball - Without jungle help our opposing laners find a ton of trouble with us. - We tell horrible puns - The team environment is something super familiar to us - The support has great rotational play. So after we win lane I find myself all around the map taking towers with him. - We are open to learn any champs - We are a package (try us out together) - We both want to enter the LCS - This is our theme song : In conclusion, if your interested in trying us out please add me, The ADC, with the account name " Twiiight Mole ". Neither of us have any plans tomorrow so we would be glad to try out then. Thanks for everything, feel free to check out our profiles on OP.GG if your skeptical of our skills. I'm posting this late at night, so feel free to add when you see fit.
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