Looking for friendly players of all ranks!!

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Come join Strength In Numbers. A friendly open discord server, mainly focusing on league, but we play all types of games. This is a gamer community discord channel. We do ranked play, we do normals, we play Destiny 2 (pc/PS4), COD WW2, World Of Warcraft, etc etc etc. This is the server for anyone looking to make some friends to play games with. It's sometimes fun to game alone, but it's always better to game with a friend. Come check out the server and say, "hey". We want you to come play some games with us! The longer you stay in the server the more you lvl up, cuz if it's one thing that gamers love, it's experience points :D The further you get in level progression the higher rank you get in the server to let people know that you enjoy hanging out with some fun people with common interests!

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