Rhythm Gaming - Academy Team - Gold-Plat - Most Roles Up For Grabs

Hello League of Legends players! Rhythm Gaming will be holding tryouts for our League of Legends Academy team on November 29th starting at 10:00 A.M. EST. The Academy team will be a Gold-Platinum team that will work with our Diamond+ team and have their own coach. All roles except support are up for tryouts and anyone between Gold V and Plat I will be considered. If you are interested, please enter the information below and add RG Disgrace in game! _______________________________________________________________________________ IGN: Name: Age: Role (No More Than 2): Champion Pool: Availability: Dedication Level: What Do You Bring To A Team: _______________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for your responses and further instructions will be given closer to tryout time. Any other questions please feel free to ask in game!
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