Serious 5v5 team looking for top lane

Hi im ORFlS team Captain of a serious ranked team. we are looking for a good top lane. I expect everyone to be able to play meta champs and when the meta changes be able to adapt to new picks and strategy's. I also expect everyone to be able to play through multiple loses without going on tilt as well as take/give positive criticism. We are looking for people who can play everyday or almost everyday for at least 3 hours. I do not expect everyone to be gods and play perfect all the time we all make mistakes but i do want you to recognise your errors and constantly improve. We look forward to reading your app and playing with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Tryouts will consist of 2-5 games to see how you play and if we like what we see a 1 week trail period. Please have curse voice Practice times with be determined once the once we have a full team DO NOT ADD ME Application: IGN: Rank: Last Season Rank: How long have you been playing: Availability: Role: Top 5 champs and why: communication (1-10) can you shot call: Strengths: Weaknesses: Previous 5s experience: Why you want to be on our team: Why we should chose you over everyone else that has applied:
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