Looking for Silver Jungler/Mid laner for Amateur Tournaments

Hello we are currently looking to start a team to compete in an LCS style tournament featuring streamed games/ minor prizes. We all ready have a bot lane and top laner selected but are looking to hold tryouts for mid and jungle. You have to be able to play Mondays from 7-10pm PST and able to play 2-3 games a day with the team 2-3 days a week and as much as possible on the weekends, unless something comes up. Please add Eridge or Will Supp 4 Skin in game and or comment with this following info. Summer name: Rank: Champion Pool: Times Available: Strengths: Weaknesses: Why you think you should join the team?: Tryouts will be held anywhere from 5pm to 9pm on 4/26 and 4/27, if you cannot make it just message one of us and we'll work it out. We are also looking for a coach of any rank add or comment if interesting. Link to tournament above
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