The McHuge Monsters Association
A little preview of us and what we're all about! Song : Flight, by Teminite : Watch us live: please check the website: Visit us on our TeamSpeak server: The Monsters Association is a collective of Nerds (THAT'S RIGHT, CAPITALIZE IT! SHOW SOME PRIDE!) of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, credos, nationalities, sexualities, and diets all with a passion for gaming! It doesn't matter what you do, or who you are; if you enjoy gaming and are AT LEAST a little bit weird you have a home here with us. We play all games, but our most played games : League of Legends Street Fighter 5 Ark : Survival Evolved And here's a personal promise from me, Bruce : We're going to build this community into a business. I have too much staked in this, unlike most other Teamspeak communities, _**THIS ONE ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE! I guarantee you stability. **_ With that bullshit out of the way, here's the rules : 1. Positive energy only! - We've fostered a very special place that's ubiquitously a good time, and that won't be allowed to change. 2. Trolling is okay, cheating isn't. 3. Fuck with the enemy all you like, being negative and toxic to your fellow Monsters_** won't be tolerated at all.**_ 4. If you're going to be a dick, at least be funny. If you're an asshole and you're not funny, you'll get counter-trolled into oblivion. _* We protect each other from people that are just plain dicks. *_ That's it. >: D Here's our official event schedule (stuff that gets streamed on Bruce's stream) **Sunday:** The Cerberus Cup - 2pm (League of Legends tournament) **Sunday:** Survival Sundays (DayZ, ARK, 7 Days to die) - 9pm **Monday :** ((Open for events)) **Tuesday :** World of Warcraft Raid Time - 8pm **Wednesday:** The Hot *!@# tournament (Free, terrible games - it's a big mess) - 9pm **Thursday : ** World of Warcraft Raid Time - 8pm **Friday :** Spooky Friday -- Scary game streams 9pm **Saturday :** The Kraken Tournament (Street Fighter 5) -- 9pm AND LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ALL DAY EVERYDAY! (Also, in case it wasn't clear, [The Kraken Tournaments are our Street Fighter 5 tournaments, and easily the most hype night of the week. >: D ]( (All times are EST) Join the Discord find friends for ranked, normals, arams, ascension, URF, tournaments, everything! Become a Monster : []( Other relevant links : [The McHuge Monsters Association]( (currently being renovated) []( [The Monsters Hype Video]( [The Monsters Twitter]( [The Monsters on Facebook]( .... And because I'm a hedonistic bastard, one last highlight from the Hot Shit Tournament 11.... [because I've never laughed like that in my entire life.... ](
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