Need more for a new ranked team!

Me and a buddy are starting up a ranked 5's team. Looking for a mid, a jungle, and a top laner. Would prefer Plat+ but will take Gold3+. The team will be a serious team, playing mostly Sunday-Thursdays at all times. We will be using Skype or Curse Voice depending on which is more popular among the team. We are still looking for a team name so we will discuss that when we find players. We will be starting fresh and working our way up through the ranks. This will be a team that plays through the pre-season and hopefully into Diamond+ in Season 6. Must have a mic and speak fluent, clear English. Also, we will be looking for a coach as we find enough players so if you are interested in that role please add me. Summoner name is same as this, or add DreaMqp for tryouts/questions.
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