Calamity drive LF more members

Hey community Calamity Drive is looking for more people to play with right now its me and my friend and we need at least 1 more for threes and of course need more for 5s We are laid back and are not super competitive but of course who doesn't like to win Im a primary adc/ jungle player and my friend mains sup on 5s For threes we are really open for any role If intreseted add me in game Proto j Then just send me a message Our normal gaming hours is 8-10am West coast time zone monday and Tuesdays because of work and anywhere between 4-12pm most days also depending on work Will be happy to accept new players as well as ones sense the beginning If not lvl 30 will play and help you get there {{champion:254}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:161}}

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