LF Dedicated Players to join Team XenoGang

Hey guys and girls, my name is XenoJiraiya and I am the captain of the XenoGang LoL team. We are part of a small, but rapidly expanding community and I am looking for dedicated players to join up on our LoL team. This team is being taken seriously, as we are planning on advancing as a team by playing in online tournaments, finding sponsors and eventually looking to go to travel tourneys/eSports tourneys. We have a team manager that is willing to help us out with whatever we need to improve our players. We are also currently looking for a coach and an analyst, but we want to get a stable roster first before we start investing in these for the team. Right now, we are looking for a solid TOP and MID laner that main their role and are willing to adapt to the meta and play what the team needs, as well as expand their champ pool. We are still accepting applicants for people who would like to fill the sub positions for the team for every role and also people who may be interested in making a second team for our community. If you are interested, please fill out this application and I will get back to you as soon as I can. May take me a few days to respond to you as I may be getting multiple tryouts. Thank you. Ign: Age: (must be at least 18) Rank S6: Rank in Flex: Main role: Top 5 champs in your role: Past team experiences: What would you bring to our team: List 3 or more Strengths: List 3 or more Weaknesses you may have: Mic?: Discord?: Timezone: (Pref. EST or CST) Availability: OP.GG Link: Also, a requirement for the team is for you to change your ign if you get onto the team to represent us. This is not applied as soon as you make the team, but after a few weeks, it would be great for you to represent our community and our team. Thanks guys and good luck on the rift.{{champion:223}}
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