Team Energized Fire looking for a Plat+ Top/Jungle to join our team (18+)

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Energized Fire is a team under the organization Energized e-Sports, we're a core of 3 teammates that are looking for 2 individuals that are willing to become long term teammates that we can grow with. We're looking to play in tournaments, leagues and make a name for ourselves in the amateur scene for league. We'll be taking applicants from this post, and picking a few to interview and try out for the positions available. There are a few benefits of joining Energized e-Sports, with the main thing **being available to recieve RP monthly just for being a part of the organization.** There are more benefits to come, but lets get into the meat of this and tell you what you can expect of us on Energized Fire, and what we'll expect of any Prospect we interview. **What you can expect from us**: 1. We will have a **STRICT** practice schedule, with certain days being focused on various portions of game play. This schedule will be formed once the team has fully been built, and everyone relays their availability. **If you're free more often than others you will have a better chance of being interviewed.** 2. Every prospect will be brought into the Energized e-Sports discord to undergo a Personality check, we're looking for dedicated players that are willing to struggle and grow as a team, if we see that you might not mesh with a part of the team on a social level, then that will affect your chances of being tried out. 3. Tryouts will be done in a 5v5 Flex Queue setting, **NO exceptions.** After a span of 3-5 games the team will gather together to share thoughts on your Mechanics, Communication, Shotcalling, Reactiveness, Objective Priority and Vision Control. After of which you'll be given a verdict. What we expect from **YOU**: 1. Do not add me on league to ask for an interview, We will do research on all of the Summoner Names that respond to this post, and select the players who seem to be good candidates to be interviewed. Any messages sent to me via league or the forums should be considered inapplicable and may hinder your chances of being interviewed. 2. We ask that you apply with the mindset of longevity, we're looking for a solid roster, not players who will leave after a week or two of bad performances or unwelcoming occurrences. If you're in for the long haul, then this just might be your place. 3. I shouldn't have to mention this, but any sort of toxicity shown from a prospect will immediately disqualify them. We love to joke around, but there's a fine line that you shouldn't cross, both in-game and out. 4. If you are selected to have an interview, I myself will reach out to you on league to ask about a Time/Date that is suitable for you. If you do not reply within a few days or fail to follow up without any indication, then you will be disqualified. 5. If you are unable to play flex queue in the Gold + Platinum elo bracket, then you may be required to play a solo queue game with an Energized Fire team member to evaluate you in game. The application credentials will be posted below, in your post please include: IGN: Role: Rank (SOLO/Flex 5v5): : Champ pool (No "anything"): Strengths : Weaknesses : Your short-term competitive goal: We will begin reaching out to prospects in the coming days, if you have any questions feel free to include them in your post and ill do my best to answer them however i can. Thank you for your time. **EDIT**: As of October 20th, interviews have begun.
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