Nightfall Gaming League Looking For Staff

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Hello everyone, Nightfall Gaming is proud to announce the official start of our LCS-style league for Season 8. In order to improve organization and efficiency, we would like to begin hiring staff for Nightfall Gaming. Committed staff are essential to any league, and your help would be greatly appreciated. Due to the wide range of positions that we would like to fill, applicants will be able to focus on their particular responsibilites, so no one should feel overwhelmed by the work that is expected of them. There are no rank requirements, but applicants that showcase signs of toxicity will be removed immediately from consideration. If you are interested you can apply by using the following link: <-3 "add a 3" Questions can be directed to NF Shido or you can visit our discord server by using the following link: Thanks, Nightfall Gaming {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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