Star Guardian: Invasion | Looking for Group Megathread


Calling all Star Guardians!

Valoran is under attack, and we need your help to fend off the invasion. Form a group of five players to tackle all eight challenging stages in the newest gamemode: Star Guardian: Invasion! Complete various missions as a group to earn icons (with a limited-time mastery emote), a ward skin, and champion shard permanent(s).

Here's a template for finding a group:

Please use the following comment format to indicate your intent to draft or be drafted into an Invasion group:

Summoner Name/Region: Wuks (NA)
Rank: Diamond 4
Preferred Role: Marksman, Support
Missions Needed: No supports, Need S run
Preferred Time (include timezone): 3:30PM - 7:30PM PDT
Preferred method of communication (if applicable): Curse Voice, Discord (Wuks#1000), Skype

Good luck, Guardians!

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