Looking for great leaders!

> **From the ashes we arose** http://imgur.com/EgYS5Lz Dreamek is a company that offers different services. One of which is a community platform that strides to grow and be different. Our website offers a social media aspect to League of Legends and we are constantly experimenting with different things and games to bring to the platform. This post is not a recruitment post fore it is a wanted ad. We are looking for two individuals who want to the lead the community into a multi-gaming platform, helping the community grow while showing excellent dedication and pride in the brand. The people we are looking for must be : • A People Person • Dedicated • Has experience running an organization • Structured and organized • Plays a variety of video games not just league of legends • Knows how to market a product If you feel you are the right person for this opportunity please send me your resume and a letter of why you’d be perfect for this opportunity to kairu@dreamek.com so we can schedule an interview. Thanks Kairu http://imgur.com/cVEyC5Q
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