Diamond 2 Top/Mid LF Serious Rank 5s Team

LF All High Diamond+ Team IGN: VCasts Age: 20 Current Division: D2 (Demoted For Inactivity) Highest Division: D1 50 Pts (Pre Master Tier) Season 2 Rank: Plat Season 3 Rank: D1 20 Pts Positions: Top/Mid Top 5 Champions At Top: Irelia, J4, Pantheon, Jayce, Riven Top 5 Champions At Mid: Fizz, Leblanc, Katarina, Azir, Syndra Do I Have A Mic?: Yes Do i Have TeamSpeak/Skype/RaidCall/Etc.?: Yes Timezone: PST Can You Make It On Time?: Yes How Many Hours I Play League A Day?: Usually Around 4-6 Hours Strengths: Shot Caller, High Game Knowledge, Playing 4+ Years of Experience, Very Good At Communicating With Teammates, Making Good Plays, Good At Analyzing Mistakes, Tell Me About Yourself: I'm a Dedicated Player That's Been Playing League For over 4+ Years That Communicates Well With Teammates If You Have Anymore Questions Feel Free to Add Me or Write The Questions In Here Thanks.
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