63% win rate gold 1 jungler LF dynamic queue

I am a jungle main and I play udyr, rengar, and I'm just now starting to play shyvanna. I usually queue with someone who's in high plat so I'm used to being against players that are much better than me, but we win most of our games anyway and even in some of them I end up carrying as jungle. I'm looking for a mid Gold - low Plat players to play with, and I do not use voice because I live in a college dorm and my roommate and I share a room. Also, the walls are paper thin and anyone could hear me talking. I could hop on and listen but I cannot talk. I do not use skype, only teamspeak, and I have my own teamspeak we can use if need be. If interested add me on League or reply to this post. Ign = I am Best Cookie
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