LF Top for ranked 5's, will take any rank

Were obviously enough looking for a Top for 5's. We will take any rank but we have small preferences about the people we pick up. This will be a long term team so were looking for someone with dedication, someone that wont show up, play one game, then never be heard from again. were also looking for someone that doesn't mind talking in/with the group, we have nothing against quiet people but its just not what were looking for. We play most days at 11PM EST, we do this late because most of us work or have school during the day. Other than that the only requirements are that you can voice chat using Curse and some way to get in touch with you outside of league, be it with simple texting or using Kik if you don't wanna give your number to a stranger, this is just so that if something comes up and you cant make it we dont have to sit and wait for you, or if i cant make it i can tell u guys, etc. etc. Also i would prefer you post here because im sick of my friends list flooding with requests but if you really must add me then fine. Bellow post your: IGN: Champs played: Rank: Weaknesses/Strengths: A good joke (if this is deleted i wont look at you twice): Anything else u wanna tell me:
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