LF Silver - Gold Elo Players To Join Ranked Team (Flex, Clash, ETC)

So basically creating this team to participate in tournaments, Clash, Flex, things like that. I got sick of joining poorly managed teams that made it one week and then disbanded. I am looking to create a more long term team of players that can improve together and have fun too. If this seems like something that may interest you, comment on this post, or add me on league: Spëctyr Tryouts are all Tuesday - Friday Fill out this form so I can learn more about your playstyle and role Preferred Role(s): Solo and Flex Rank: Champions You Are Best At For Chosen Role(s): Strengths: Weaknesses: How Are You At Shotcalling?: Talkative or Quiet?: Time Zone: Available Times: Do you have Discord and A Mic?: If you have any more questions feel free to ask down below or message Spëctyr
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