LF High Silver Duo Partner To Gold

Dovahkiin416 - Summoner search results - League of Legends
Dovahkiin416 / Silver 3 0LP / 43W 23L Win Ratio 65% / Warwick - 26W 9L Win Ratio 74%, Darius - 5W 4L Win Ratio 56%, Varus - 2W 0L Win Ratio 100%, Brand - 2W 0L Win Ratio 100%, Vi - 1W 1L Win Ratio 50%
Must have AT LEAST a 60% winrate overall, and preferably a 70%+ winrate on your main champ/role. I main jungle(Warwick), with my secondary being ADC(any). I would prefer to find a top or mid laner to duo with. Link your op.gg below

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