Azuline Gaming [AZG] Casual gaming community looking for more friends! We are all familiar with how toxic some normal games are. When we think of League we think about how the stereotypical player is often toxic and harmful. AZG disagrees-- being the most played game in the world means you have a vast and diverse selection of communities within the game. Unfortunately, through competitive nature, this all gets drowned out and people forget how to treat each other. AZG wants to gather a group of people that want to simply play the game casually without worrying about being flamed or insulted. AZG is a community that focuses on fun, casual play and creating a positive, friendly community. Expect a tight knit group and expect toxic behavior to be punished severely in AZG. If you’re familiar and tired with all the negativity in the game, then we urge you to join Azuline Gaming. • People who are looking to make new friends/ play casually with members. • If you are new to League and want a better introduction to the game while meeting new people. • People who don't mind playing with a diverse group of ranks from Level 1 - Masters. • Anyone who wants to play the game regardless if they win or lose! It's all for fun! • Anime Club Fridays • LoL Clubs. We have 3 active and social clubs. • Movie Nights Saturdays • Game Nights Sundays • LoL Game Modes every so often • LoL In houses • Other games as well as League such as Ark, World of Warcraft and Overwatch • A friendly, close-knit community that aims to keep as toxic free as possible. We don't have age, mic, or level requirements. If you are looking for Prized Tournaments or Serious Ranked play this is NOT the place for you. Apply on our website: Alternatively, you can message a recruiter/staff member below. Leaders: {{champion:51}} Naymia {{champion:62}} KhanWaffles Recruiters: {{champion:99}} JoeyxKay {{champion:2}} Wazap

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