Team Behavior Low elo ranked 5s team looking for players for season 6

Team Behavior is looking for a new roster for season 6 of players who want to play to improve in LoL not just in ranked 5s but in all aspects. The idea behind the team is to play to improve in the preseason and build synergy into season 6 to grind into Gold / Plat. Curse Voice will be used to communicate shotcalling and communication is important Looking for roles as follows Top Laner ---------------------------------------- Jungler ---------------------------------------- AD Carry ---------------------------------------- Fill this out and comment below Summoner : Rank ended S5 at: Age: Position: Champs you enjoy playing: Playstayle - Choose roles that (apply): If Laner - Roamer Farmer Aggressive If Jung - Invader Early Ganker Shottcaller?: Knowledge of current R5 team comps: Region: *NA* TimeZone:
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