Creating a sister team

Hello, my name is Soprodium and im the captain and owner of Divine Judgment eSports. I am currently looking for players to create a sister team to Divine Judgment, this team will run under nearly the same practice schedule as the main team. We practice from Sunday to Thursday and have Friday/Saturday off, the Practices start anywhere from 8PM PST to 10PM PST. Every day the two teams will practice and have a scrim game, with Thursdays being the day for a Best of 5 match. We try to do as many Tournaments as possible and hope you can join us in the process of becoming better league players. Please Fill out the Following: Role: Season 5 Ranking: Current Ranking: Able to make the listed Practice time: Access to Skype: Favorite Champion: Please be Silver+ In soloq Rank or High silver in Season 5 We are currently looking for Top and Support!!! Thank you! ~~~~Soprodium

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