Team Synthesis - Looking for Coaching Staff and Players

IGN: IAmResPeKe I'm looking to start an org for Gold - Plat as a start, but higher ranks are welcome. Is there any tips for a starting org or a tournament you guys can point me to? We are looking for a coach/analyst as well - add me in game for an interview and fill out the application below. Also, tryouts will be Saturday-Sunday fill out the application below - add me in-game for any extra details. All positions open. Coaching Application ((REQUIRED)) Role (Analyst/Coach/Psychologist): Age: Have you performed your role in a team environment before: If so, describe the experience and the ranks of the players: What is your availability: What would your pref pay rate be in tournaments (Percentage of prize pool): What is your reasoning behind joining this org: Do you have a microphone: Notes: Player Application ((REQUIRED)) Peak Rank: Current Rank: Role: List of past team experience: Would you prefer to shot-call: Do you have a microphone: Top five champions (Not mastery points, actual comfort - ALL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED): Notes:
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