Looking for a jungle for our team Silver+ (if you're bronze you will be removed)

Next Generation Gaming is looking to fix our team by replacing our jungle. We're only accepting silver+ rank players. We will be doing tryouts for players who want to join. Know how to play the game (objectives & how/when to team fight/and build super important); we will NOT be teaching you We are in silver at the moment. Here are the things you need to play with us: You need teamspeak in order to communicate with us possibly discord too if our TS servers are being weird. be able to play at least a few times a day more if you can and not every 4-5 to days. Be chill we won't accept players if they are toxic or just not nice even if you're like a faker player we will not take you. Be an actual jungle main we don't want players that play top, mid, adc etc. i WANT an actual jungler thank you for your time. (Optional) Age : Timezone : Role : Solo Queue Division : Team speak Communication Application & Microphone Accessible (Y/N) : List; Your Top 3 Champions for Role Applying : Briefly describe your play style : Your strongest attributes : Your weakest attributes : Why you would like to be apart of a tournament team : Your past experience on a tournament style team or ranked team (If Applicable) : The best time to reach you in-game : if you're interested in joining contact NGG Zensway or NGG Trivago and we will get you started.
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