LF Vocal Jungle/Solid Top for Silver+ Team (Discord/Late Night/Serious)

STRONGLY INTERESTED IN VOCAL SHOTCALLING CAPABLE PLAYERS Requirements 1. We utilize Discord for voice comms and you must have a working microphone. 2. We expect communication inside/outside of game as friends/teammates focused on improving on aspects of our team. 3. Be able to make 2 late night (12AM EST) practices a week for at least 3-4 games worth of time, more if possible. 4. You must be able to receive constructive criticism as well as give it. We plan on having team discussions often to calmly and diligently solve problems the team has as they arise. We try our best to not bring up issues in-game, as its a waste of energy. Application below, add me in game once you've posted! Age: Role: Do you have discord/mic?: Do you have time to commit, often late night?: Champ Pool: Playstyle: Do you feel comfortable shotcalling? Are you vocal/good at feeding information to your team? Two good things about your play: One thing you can improve on:
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