Bronze-silver player looking for guidance

Im sorry to say this but as recent event have happened ive realized that im not the same player i was in season 5 more importantly the champs ive played have been dealt with finally so ive fallen off as a player. I played alot of mid lane in season 5 then in season 6 i rotated to become a filler player i tried to learn all the roles so i can better help everyone in my gaming community learn at the very least the basics of all roles. Now i play as a support main to better be of use to players but supports cant really carry games i can only set up carries what im trying to do is learn to play a carry role and how to set up carry for late game through decision making and objective control. Please if you have the time to help someone who is passionate about league and wants to better themselves as a player and a person feel free to message me and add me in game-Kneelbeforezoth
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