Serious Team Looking for Jungle Main (Gold ELO)

**About the Team** Competitive team aiming to climb the ladder and win tournaments. Team is still recently new without a full roster yet. Those who make it except there to be speed bumps along the way. However, this team is serious and long lasting so the wait would be worth the reward. **What Do I Expect From Players** Players are expected to show up on time for practice and not keep members waiting because they are finishing up a game. Strategy and gameplay discussions will happen during practice times so don't except to Q one game after another (competitive team not a grinding team). Players need to voice inputs in team discussions and commincate with teammates in a clean and professional manner while in game. Practice schedule runs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 5pm - 8pm EST. Want players that have a schedule to make these times before trying them out. Must have a working mic, on the NA servers, and at least 16+ of age. **Tryouts** Tryouts will consist of 2-3 normal games depending on how they go. We'll be looking for your knowledge in the game, basic communication skills, and how you react to the game in difficult situations. In order to get a tryout you will need to fill out our application located at the bottom of this post and I'll send you a friend request to schedule a time. After your tryout I can assess you and tell you what I think but a decision on your membership status with the team will not be determined at that time. **Application** Summoner's Name: Age: Time Zone: Season 6 Ranking: Top 3 Jungle Champs: Availability: Additional Comments:
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