Club "Team Builder" geared towards Bronze, Silver and Gold players interested in 5v5 teams!

Hey there! I'm Pidgeon Jones and I'm starting a network of lower tiered, toxicity free players interested in playing either ranked 5s or dynamic queue with other players. The club will feature both free agents looking to join a team and team captains looking for players, hopefully with about a 60/40 ratio with free agents winning. I will also be looking for consistently friendly, nice players to fill out some moderation roles down the road, in the mean time I will be handling invites and moderation alone as actively as I can. Once you're either on a team or your team is full, you'll be removed from Team Builder and invited to a group reserved for teams made through our club for scrimming, competing and playing together. The rules are as follows: 1. No toxicity. This means not only out of free agents and team captains, but players on a captains team either. This is an environment geared towards people trying to find their fit in a team and no one should have to deal with toxicity. This is a blanket rule that includes racism, sexism or any other form of putting someone down. 2. Microphones required from free agents and captains unless there's an agreement about you not having a mic. 3. If you're in the club as a captain, the rest of your team doesn't need to be invited. **POST HERE TO REQUEST AN INVITE, IN YOUR POST LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE A FREE AGENT OR CAPTAIN.**
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