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future compete league team( B/S) looking to excel 100 % in everything we do we are looking for a top a support and subs also a coach/ analysts Post your Ign: Op.gg: can u shot call: rank: are you dedicated: when are you Able to play: 4 strongest champs(are u willing to learn more): time zone: for coaches /analysts be willing to have patience we are a lower elo team we wanna better our self we learn form you you learn from us :) mutually improve each other and work together as a cohesive unit and be the best we can be . id say add me in game but i have to many friends add Flower Tempest (my mid laner) practice will be mostly nights around 8 CST -11 CST in till PL comes alone then we will start the games at 6 to as late as 12 cst depends on the games serious inquires only thank you for your time
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