Looking for a JG , Please READ CAREFULLY!

Looking for a JG for or ranked team , Our team needs a jg with following charactoristics. 1. Watches mini map instead of starring at farming monsters. 2. Ganks , the losing lane not the wining lane. 3. Understands, that you don't have to kill an enemy for a successful gank. Especially if that champ counters the jg. 4. Has a MIC. Doesn't talk to much and uses the PTT feature. We use CURSE btw. 5. Knows to switch from ward to sweep at level 9. 6. Is profecient in a farming , jungler and a ganking assasin jungler. 7. Actually buys a pink. 8. Has enough experience and understanding of the game that , the jg, doesn't rage. 9. We are Bronze level now golds last season. 10. Adult and respectful, We have a very high winning percentage and we know how to keep it positive. We are a late game team. 11. We have a C9 style of play very agressive. Enough said , If you haven't mastered the understanding of these core values of jg, please do not apply, it wont work out. look at my games history as a team. High mmr 10 straight wins. Curse id: _**AssKickinChicken**_ Good Luck have a great game!
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