Looking for people, Maybe A Team

I am wanting to come back to league after basically not playing much at all recently, maybe a game here and a game there, I have been battling cancer for the last 2 years and had to stop playing much while still trying to work and do my treatments, which I still get every month, So, I had to leave my job now, since It ha gotten impossible to do what I used to do, given my health, And Am now on Disability, and I want to really play and get the best I can be now, that I basically have all the time I need to get better, I never was a great player, but, always wanted to be. I am level 30, have quite a few characters, I love support mainly, Sona, LULU, Soraka, NuNU, But I want to learn more then that, I would love to use some of my other chars I bought, but, havnt used much like, Jinx, and other attack damage chars, Don't really have a desire to jungle, either top or bottom, maybe mid some, for a change, I would be happy in any roll anyone needs Until I start really playing, I am going to suck, lol, just hope the people can have some patience with me and tell me what I am going wrong, without feeling the need to b a dick about it. I am always open to suggestions ad I will take them and use them all and see if it works for me before I say I don't like it, or it's not my style. If anyone is looking to take on a crappy player and turn them around and make yourself look like a genius, I may be that person, lol. I am USA Central TIme Zone. can play whenever since I don't feel good enough to go a lot of places anymore, I have Skype also if anyone wants to chat I just get so sick of joining a game and then listening to everyone telling me I suck, I already know this, the point is to get better, If they would give me advice instead of threatening to report me, maybe I could learn something. I can only play so many bot games, before I stop learning stuff. Thanks for listening, Now get out there and ACE!
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