Voltic Rush Looking to Rebuild from Scratch Silver-Gold Elo

http://imgur.com/LAt2E93 Hello my name is Voltic Captain and I am the Jungler for the serious Ranked Team I am are creating. I am a serious ranked player looking for members to create a team who are willing to learn and get better. We will be participating in Dynamic Que as well as weekly tournaments! We are looking for a Top, Mid, AD Carry, and Support that is Silver - Gold. Prerequisites: Must main that role. Must have Teamspeak with a mic. Must have the proper champion pool for that role. Recommended prior Ranked 5's experience. Must not be toxic and must respect other players. Willing to participate in 1 on 1 coaching as well as playing ranked with teammates. Willing to dedicate themselves to rigorous practices. We have a proper Google Sheets page to work with. Our schedule will be Mondays-Fridays at 9:00 pm to 12-12:30 pm CST. Champ Pool All players are expected to follow and adapt to the meta. We can be flexible on some champs, you can have pocket picks but it must be reasonable. I will list champ pools for each role we are looking for that we expect you to know. Of course you don't have to know all of them right off the bat but you will be expected to learn the ones you don't know. Tryouts: Tryouts will be held once we have added you and have the room for you in a few games. And will begin as soon as possible. So please be patient while I compile a list of players to tryout. Fill out the application below if you are interested and add me once you have: Application: Ign: Role: Rank: Top 5 champs for that role: Strengths: Weaknesses: Availability: Prior Ranked 5's experience: Thoughts on criticism: Why I should choose you: Thanks for applying and I will get back to you all!
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