Elevated Gravity Looking to Fill Teams

Elevated Gravity was a team formed to play in online tournaments and grow as players in Flex queue. We practice twice a week and play in tournament matches twice a week. We have a staff of coaches for Vod Review and player analysis. Next season we also plan to play in Upsurge’s Gold - Plat MMR League; however, we’re also looking to expand our team into an organization and have three teams. These are the current structured teams for next season with their current members. Asterisk signifies captain. EVG Black Top: EVG Neebz Jungle: EVG Actives Mid: Open Adc: EVG Novo Support: EVG Roosta EVG White Top: Phynn Jungle: Bokkenspeed Mid: Open Adc: The Golden Kappa* Support: Open EVG Blue Top: EVG Prophet Jungle: EVG Ducky Mid: EVG Sushi Adc: EVG PewPew Support: EVG Josh Sand If interested in an available position, please fill out the application below. IGN: Role: Team Applying For: Season 7 Rank Solo/Flex: Availability:
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