Looking To Fill 5's Roster (D5+ Last Season)

**_DO NOT ADD ME, I WILL NOT ACCEPT_** Red Fusion eSports is a serious team that is looking for new players. We will be competing in tournaments all throughout season 7 and will have multiple scrim partners as well as a coach and hopefully an analyst. We are searching for players who already have the fundamentals of the game down as well as good mechanics. To weed out low level play we are searching for players at least Diamond 5 or higher. If you're interested please fill out the application below and I will contact you for a tryout. If you play a role that is already filled, feel free to apply and we will consider you as a sub. Also our current roster is shown below. Manager: TK1 Coach: TheParadoxmuse Top: ? Jungle: ? Mid: ? Adc: ? Support: ? IGN: Age: Timezone: Season 6 ending rank: Role: Top 5 champs: Strengths: Weaknesses: Summary about yourself: Can you shotcall high level play?: What can you bring to this team?: Discord?: Mic?:
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