Team Never Flame (TNF) Recruiting High Silver-Gold players for LCS style ranked 5s (BSGL)

Looking for all roles High Silver- Gold Current roster Practice will be once during the week and once on the weekend minimum around 2 hours each practice nothing too serious. We will que up during the week but not mandatory. We got other priorities over league and shit comes up. Team name explanatory no flaming, no raging, no bitching, no quoting. Our team will have a solid core of players who DO NOT FLAME no matter the situation. Farm out games and play them out instead of bitching and whining. If you're ready to play in an lcs style league drop the application. Will do try outs accordingly. We have a few months to practice before the league. So lets get it. Subs will start this weekend tournament. MId- Nako88 Adc- Sahmantio Jg - Yung Ginger Top- PDG Hangster boi Sup- Blackmint Top sub - Sup sub- FireStreakz Mid sub - Adc sub- Application: IGN: Age: Time Zone: RANK: Role TOP 3 CHAMPS: Secondary Role : Top 3 champs Will you flame? CAN YOU MAKE SCHEDULE: PROS: CONS:
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