Mid Lane mains wanted. Gold 3 - Plat 1. TMG (CS) Tournament Team.

Hello 5D2 Ranked Team is currently looking for Mid mains. We would really appreciate if you had a calling ability and experience as the team lost it's main and secondary caller. Please leave an application here or contact our team manager IGN: 5D NickTheGamer --Please read everything carefully-- ** Looking for people who main the role that they play. I'm wanting people who actually put forth an effort to play the role that they want to main, not people who " play every role" and are just mediocre at them. ** Your current rank means a lot less to me than stats do. I WILL be looking at everyone's stats who I'm interested in. I'd rather have a Silver 5 mid with great stats over a Gold 1 mid who averages 10 deaths a game every game. ** Date and time will have to be decided on, as a placeholder, it'll most likely be afternoon/ evenings. I expect every member of the team to play ranked in their free time when they get a chance. **Criticism is a great thing, it helps people get better, but; MOST people do not know how to give constructive criticism. If you are the type who spends more time asking people on your team why they're playing a champion, or why they are building a specific item, this is not the team for you. Trust is the most important thing in a team atmosphere. ** Know how to lose your lane graciously, it is one thing to lose your lane, it happens to literally everyone. But there's a difference between losing your lane, and feeding them to the point that you make it very hard for our team to win. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PLAY THE MAIN ROLE !!!!ONLY!!! PLEASE HAVE 5 CHAMPS DOWN WELL AND WORK WITH COUNTER PICKING CHAMPS AS WELL. PRACTICE MATCHES WILL BE PLAYED AT LEAST 3 TIMES A WEEK (WITH THE MAIN ROSTER) AND 5V5 TEAM RANKED AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK (WITH THE MAIN ROSTER) First we will be filling in for the main roster after we are settled with that we will start looking for subs. ----Here is the application---- SUMMONER NAME: Your Main Role Applying for: Please list 5 CHAMPIONS IN YOUR ROLE YOU FEEL STRONGEST WITH: STRENGTHS: WEAKNESSES: AVAILABILITY (PLEASE NOTE MOST GAMES WILL BE PLAYED EVENING/AFTERNOON EST TIME): ARE YOU OKAY WITH PRACTICING IN RANKED SOLO/DUO GAMES AS MUCH AS TIME PERMITS IN YOUR POSITION?: ARE YOU OKAY WITH BEING ON TS !!!!!!EVERY TIME YOU ARE IN GAME!!!!!: ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE PLEASE SEND WITH APP:
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