Gold team Adrenaline Threat is recruiting members for Top lane and Support!!!

Hey guys I am the current founder of the competition team Adrenaline Threat which is composed of Gold players. We have been up and running for about two months now and have lost members as time goes by. We currently have an ADC Jungler and Mid lanner. We are looking for a Top and Support that are willing to commit to practice schedules, tournament play, and ranked matches. Here is a list of requirements: Must have Discord for communication (easy in browser method no downloads required) Must be 16 years or older (maturity is what we are looking for) Must be committed to the team Win or lose (we will be losing quite alot in the first couple of weeks) Must be open to growth as a player and person Must be ready to come in with the mentality of practicing (there is a schedule that is three times a week) Must be at least Silver 2 or higher (hate to make this a rule but its only fair to the other players) With that being said send me an add at : Coruptz aT See you on the Rift!!! {{champion:254}}

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