Looking for Bronze Players

Hello I am looking to create a team of dedicated Bronze Players looking to learn. I will manage and coach the team to be successful in the days to come. I am willing to help you grow individually and as a team but all I need is the time and dedication. Some background information about me is that I am a former Diamond 1 player and have played on several 5's teams. I have coached several players individually for years getting those who want to learn to the ranks that used to be dreams and turned it into reality. The team will not get better over night and it will take time and effort to get better so if you are interested in trying to improve for the months to come then let me help you! _**What I am looking for in players:**_ Must have a decent computer and Internet ( You cannot play the game if you are lagging ) Must have the time to play atleast 5 days a week for 4-5 hours Must be willing to learn and listen Control the rage and negative attitude Must be Bronze Add me on League and we will discuss more of the details my IGN is: JD Shellnut

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