Club For Adult Players

Hello Fellow Summoners, I would like to create or join a Club for adult League of Legends players (20 years of age and up) as a means to queue with like minded individuals who understand mechanics of the game. This desire spans from my experience that older players seem to understand the basic mechanics much better than younger people (no offense to younger people though). The reason for this Club would be to have others that you can queue with for matches. If the club takes off, we can all use Curse or Discord to connect via voice chat to have chats during and outside of games. Requirements: - 20yo and up. - Avid player, with somewhat of a regular play schedule. - Reads patch notes/ updates. - Team oriented. - Some education beyond high school. - You must NOT rage in games or voice chat (when that becomes available). This will lead to being Blacklisted in the club and people will not queue with you. - You must NOT quit in games for reasons related to anger. This will lead to an insta-kick from the club and a block to my account. - Leave egos at the door. (If you need help with your raging please let me know and we will thing of some solutions together as a club.) If interested add me and I will respond. If it is discovered by me or another player in the Club that you are not mature, you will be kicked from the Club and blocked.
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