ADC Recruiting for Competitve team G5+ Join raidcall after posting!

Hi Summoners! I am a player who has been playing since preseason 1, and has been playing actively ever since. I want this team to become a set roster of players. I am serious about improving my own gameplay and helping out others and my teammates. I think having a team can make a player a lot better at the game as a whole. Once we have a set roster we will consider playing online tournaments. Requirements: Have achieved gold in any season Raidcall and microphone. Willing to put time into the team and practice. Able to play often. If interested please fill out this application: Role: Top 3 Champions: Division: IGN: Time zone: Do you have Raidcall and a Microphone: Current roster: Top: Jungle: Mid: ADC: PhantaSee Support: Raidcall Group ID: 8538722 Thank you for your time.
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