I need your replays

Hey, so I'm starting a new YouTube page/ twitch stream which I will be debuting early January, using this League account, but will be called "Kohai_to_Senpai". This page will be dedicated towards emphasizing the fundamentals of good League of Legends play and will be targeted at the unRanked-Gold Elo players (or roughly 90% of ranked players on the NA server) who are looking to learn and improve their play. This is going to be like a generic, back to basics kind of page. That being said I need your replays, which all of us with the BETA client have easy access to, and I really need replays from all over the spectrum. From Bronze to Challenger that way I can compare and contrast, and if I could get a screenshot of the op.gg summary of the match to accompany each replay that would be awesome too. And I know, I'm giving myself about a 4 to 6 weeks of prep for this page in the anticipation of getting a good amount of content to wade my way through and provide you with the best, high quality content I can. So you can send me your replays to: kohaitosenpaiLoL@gmail.com. And in the header if you could just put "Replay: (Summoner name)" I would appreciate it.
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