MadCast Gaming Is Looking For Mature Members

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
Greetings, and thanks for stopping by! We are MadCast Gaming, and we're looking for some mature folks to enjoy playing games with. #**What Is MadCast?** MadCast is a gaming community that has been active for the past nine years. We've worked very hard to create a place on the internet free from the dregs of gaming. Our [Code of Conduct]( is a product of those years, and the reason people have come and remain Full Members. We started out as a forum based group that incorporated a VoIP, and now we have grown over the years to be a well established community. You can find out more on our website,, or join our [Teamspeak]( If all this sounds like a fit for you, come play some games and help us to continue our legacy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #**What Do We Play?** We currently support three Main Games: League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and World of Warcraft. We also have a strong following in Overwatch, ARK, a number of DnD/Tabletop games, and many more! For our main games we host weekly events and tournaments; but we also have a number of tabletop groups and other startups that happen throughout the week. For League of Legends, we currently host two weekly events: * **League of Learning** Thursdays at 9:00 EST are when we help you with your game! Join us on Teamspeak for some Inhouse 5v5 matches where our admins and players cover team based tactics and individual skills. Come learn how to better yourself in a non judgmental environment. Feel free to drop in! * **Friday Night League** Every Friday at 9:00 PM EST we host a custom lobby of the rotating game mode of the week. The lobbies always devolve into some for fun ARAMs to round the night off! Hop on Teamspeak with us, and enjoy a couple of for fun matches. Feel free to drop in! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #**How Do You Join?** To be a Full Member of MadCast, you can head to the [introduction section]( of our forums and post an intro. Feel free to have a look at some of the others if you need some encouragement as to how. Share a little, or a lot! We just want to get to know you. You are not required to apply for Full Membership in order to hang out around these parts. If you wish to just hang around and get to know the folks before applying for FM, then the most you need to abide by is that of our CoC. Some people apply right away, and some have taken a year or better to finally decide to apply for FM. The choice is entirely up to you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any more questions about MadCast or anything of the like, toss us an add in game: {{champion:202}} ** MadCast: Epic** IGN: MadCast Epic {{champion:45}} **MadCast: Shenaniquin** IGN: UnusedCaveman {{champion:41}} **MadCast: HakuBruh** IGN: HakuBruh {{champion:79}} **MadCast: Soupcup** IGN: Soupcup {{champion:56}} **MadCast: Rife170** IGN: MadCast: Rife170 {{champion:43}} **MadCast: Bookworm** IGN: Sorry Im Booked -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks again for taking the time to read this post, and be sure to check us out at We look forward to meeting you!
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