Help me out!

So i have been playing league for about 4 months and honestly, i just want to get better, right now i feel trapped in bronze no matter how hard i try. I know i need to learn how to cs better and over all under stand the game better which is why i'm asking for help. If there is anyone out there that would let to take the time to coach and shape me into the better player i wanna be, i'd really appreciate it. i dont believe id be that hard to work with as i can normally pick up on this pretty fast. i prefer Skype to talk but i can use what ever. i like top/jg/mid the best if you can and actually wanna help me out just add and send me a msg. :) thanks again! {{champion:14}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:121}}
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