Ink Gaming Looking For Serious Players (Gold+) (Top & Jungle)

Hello All! Good day to everyone out there! I'm currently looking for players to compete on a serious level for this next season. I'm aware of how difficult it is to find a team on the boards as it might seem. Yes this title does say serious. I want to move up in the ladder as an individual player and I want to move up in the ladder as a team. I fully believe I have the capability to, but the question is, do you? With the new season starting, I want to make this team as solid as possible. If you think you have what it takes, apply below and add me @ GW Coach About me: -I was 2200 ELO Season 2 when the number system was in place. I competed on a team that competed in the ESL Amateur Series, which you can kind of compare to the challenger series today. We played the entire season without losing a game. Made it to playoff finals, and lost all games, heartbreaking. I, now have the drive to get back to that point. Positions Open: Top: Open Jungle: Open * Mid: GW Coach ADC: Open Support: Open Requirements: Age:17+ Rank: Gold+ Must be able to make all practices (given certain circumstances) Must be willing to adjust playstyle accordingly Application: Age: IGN: Role: Rank: Champion Pool: Availability: Strengths: Weaknesses: Past Experience: Look forward to hearing from anyone that applys!
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