Bronze-Silver Dynamic Team

Im looking to make a team of Dedicated people who want to compete, create a community, and have fun. Im looking for lower elo players (silver and bronze) who want to get better, and climb the ranks.We will Accept Gold+ Though. You must be friendly, and a team player. Any toxic members will be kicked no matter how well you or, or how bad the player your being toxic towards did. Constructive criticism is allowed as long as it is constructive and not destructive. A team that cannot get along, cannot play well together. Recommendations Must be mature, no set age as age is an indirect factor to maturity. Must know the basics of league (how to last hit, how to effectively gank, how to engage ect (to the respective roles)) Must be friendly and non toxic. Needs a good understanding of the role they are trying out for. Currently looking for TOP Jungle MID ADC SUPPORT Your info Currently looking for a Coach as well IGN: Role: Top Champions of that role: Age: Rank: Availability: I look forward to playing with you. Good Luck and i'll see you on the Rift
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