Looking for a Top Or Mid for Team!

**TL;DR version** Looking for a top or mid to join our group and coordinate together. Must be Silver+. Gold+ is preferred, but not required. **Extended version** Hey Summoners! My friends and I, who play regularly each night have been looking for a couple of teammates to play with, where we can help each other practice and get better in normal queue, and eventually take our skills to ranked 5v5s. As of now, we're looking for a top laner (preferably those that likes to play initiators and cc tanks) and a mid laner (preferably who plays champions with team fight potential {{champion:61}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:63}}. or carry potential). Here are top three mains we play: Manny Souls (ADC): {{champion:18}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:21}} Murnhead (Jungle): {{champion:56}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:121}} Grapplingi (Support): {{champion:201}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:412}} We love to play for fun, but we also play to win and get better, so please be open to constructive criticism, as we'll also be open to yours. We'll be playing a few games tonight, so If you're interested, feel free to add Manny Souls, Murnhead, or Grapplingi. Best, Manny Souls

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