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https://imgur.com/7PUaKcn The Mandalorian Armed Forces is a 14 year old multi-gaming clan. Based primarily on the ideals of the Mandalorians from Star Wars, our motto has always been "Strength and Honor!". We aren't just some ordinary run of the mill online forum community and as such hold our members to a higher standard. Our members are disciplined, have a thick skin and regardless of personal feelings, work together to make the clan great. We do this because we want everyone, those in the clan and not, to have a fun time, and not be subject to anyone raging during play. The Mandalorian Armed Forces have an active forum/website and but it also has a very active discord. We believe that socialization and intermingling between clanmates is important. We are looking for both casual and competitive members, and are actively looking to branch out into new games! We look to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for anyone that we play with. We are currently looking for members to join our competitive teams and help us to form new ones of all ranks. Our League player base is still small but everyone is active and on almost everyday! We have divisions for the following games, with communities for each: MOBA: - League of Legends Shooter: - Warframe - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy: Movie Battles II Mod - ARMA 3 (relatively new) MMO: - Star Trek Online - DC Universe Online (relatively new) - Life is Feudal RPG: - Rust You can become a Mandalorian by registering and then submitting an application. Submit an application: [HERE](http://mandos.enjin.com/) Discord: [HERE](https://discord.gg/pEKrP88) Tell them Shenghai sent you!
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