LF Staff for Impure Gaming [Manager][Coach][Analyst]

Just as a heads up this is my smurf, it's to avoid fulling up my friends list on my main and have to go through it later. **About Impure Gaming [GAMITY]** The goal for GAMITY is to start off as a Beginner League of Legends team and work our way into an Amateur level. The team will keep a positive but serious environment to allow growth of players and avoid negative behaviour. Eventually I plan to expand GAMITY into having a sister team and potentially moving into other games but those are long term goals. The main priority is to create a staff for the organization, then begin tryouts early/mid next week. The tentative practice schedule for reference looks a little like this; Monday - 6:30PM EST - 10:30PM EST Tuesday - Off Wednesday - 6:30PM EST - 10:30PM EST Thursday - Off Friday - 6:30PM EST- 10:30PM EST Saturday - 12PM EST-4PM EST Sunday - 5:30PM EST- 9:30PM EST Below you will find descriptions for your jobs, these are of course volunteer jobs so apply with this in mind. **Manager** As team manager, your job is to work closely with me as the team captain and ensure players are keeping to their schedule. You will only be responsible for one team so the reference to a sister team above would not be added work for you. You will assist me in organizing tryouts, managing the active roster and arranging scrim partners. **Analyst** As team analyst, your job will be more behind the scenes with the coach. You'll be watching replays, analysing our games and creating team comps. You will work closely with the coach to find key points to work on for the team. **Coach** As team coach, your job will be to work closely with the management as well as the players to ensure the team is growing in a positive way. You will be working with the analyst for much of the out of practice time, to ensure the team is moving in the right direction. You will be responsible to attend and actively participate in draft, but watching live games are not required, just prefered. You will not be responsible as much for watching replays, however, you will be relaying the information the analyst is giving you, and figuring out ways to solve these problems. If you have any questions regarding any of the positions posted above then please feel free to comment below. **Application** Please be prepared to present me an application that includes the following; Age; Availability; Timezone; Experience in your position; And why I should recruit you; Thanks~
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