Oriental Gaming Teamspeak Community Wants You

_**TeamSpeak Server: **_ OrientalGaming.dynvpn.de _**About Oriental Gaming**_ We are a Teamspeak community that offers you a place you can call home, we are a league of legends based community, we want to make sure you have the best experience in our community, and everyone is invited. _**What We Offers In Oriental Gaming**_ 1. Free Private Channels if you get 5 active members 2. Free Team Channel If You Have a Team 3. Free Icons if you can get 5 active members 4. Coaching 5. Fun Events Every Week 6. Place to play and meet new people 7. Great Staff Members 8. Tournaments (Coming Soon) _**Staff Positions**_ **What we are looking for** 1. Recruiters ( Advertising and helping guest get registered) 2. Moderators ( Keeping The Community non toxic) 3. Staff Assistance ( Assist People That needs Help) **IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY OF THESE STAFF POSITIONS HOP ON TEAMSPEAK AND TALK TO A HEAD OR ADMIN** AT LAST WE HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME AT OUR COMMUNITY OrientalGaming.dynvpn.de OrientalGaming.dynvpn.de OrientalGaming.dynvpn.de
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