Creating a SILVER/GOLD Ranked Team

I am looking for DEDICATED members that are willing to put in time and effort to improve as a TEAM and build CHEMISTRY. We are trying out a bunch of different players just to see who synergizes the best. We are a Silver/Gold elo team, meaning we will consist of SILVER and GOLD ranked players. Rules before applying: 1. Be serious 2. Be committed (NO QUITTERS) 3. Absolutely no raging at the team. We understand that League can be frustrating; especially competitive play. But raging/putting down your teammates is completely unacceptable and we do not wish to be associated with those type of players. This brings to attention the need of people who will build CHEMISTRY and look to improve with each other as a team. Remember, this is a TEAM. We are not looking for 5 people that are just working together. As of now, we don't have a name. So once we have all 5 players, we can decide as a team what to name ourselves, and from there we can create the ranked team and start grinding. Roles Filled: Top: N/A Mid: Filled Jungle: Filled ADC: Myself Support: N/A Please add me in-game or put your name in the comments if you are interested. Thank you:)
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